Welcome to our review of Futures' achievements during 2022-23. We've had another strong year of performance thanks to our great customers, employees and the many partner organisations who help us in our work. 

This year our emphasis has been on supporting and reconnecting with our customers and communities. Our research told us that customers wanted to see us out and about more. We've also seen first-hand how the lingering effects of the pandemic and the economic after-effects have hit many people hard across our region. So we've restructured, refocused and re-energised to support and invest in our communities.

Why not explore the map below and click through to read about just a few of our local and region-wide projects during the year. 

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Check out our interactive map to find out more about some of the community projects we've invested in this year. Click on the numbers to see a quick summary and a link to more details. 

Welcome to our annual report

We're excited to show you what we've done in the past year to provide safe and affordable homes for our customers. 

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Tenancy support

Our Tenancy support team has offered customers a range of support, from learning to manage money better to helping develop essential skills to get into work.

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Our digital journey

Our exciting journey to enhance customers’ digital experience with us is in full swing. Step into the future of Futures and see how we're changing.

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Supporting communities 

Our commitment extends beyond the homes our customers live in. See what we've done to make a positive difference for communities.

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Building homes 

Despite the pandemic and economic turmoil, we're on the rise with the completion of 144 new homes this year!

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Looking after homes

We strive to keep customers' homes in tip-top condition - safe, comfortable places where they can thrive. Check out what we've done this year.

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Health and wellbeing

We’ve been busy supporting and developing our team members this year to help them to do a great job for customers.

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Cost of living support

In a difficult year for everyone, we wanted to make sure our people felt cared for to provide the best experience for our customers.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion 

We want everyone to feel welcome and succeed at Futures, so we’re working hard to make changes that support everyone. 

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Charity fundraising 

We're passionate about supporting causes that make a difference for communities. So took on a big challenge to raise funds for three local charities.

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Out in the community 

From Rushden to Ripley, our team rolled up their sleeves, put on their gloves, and tackled litter, added vibrant splashes of paint, and brought life to local neighbourhoods.

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Helping our people grow

We help our team members learn and grow, whether it's through apprenticeships or the Kickstart scheme. All this helps us work together to make our customer experience the best it can be.

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Finance and performance 

See how we handle money and keep track of how we're doing to take care of our 10,000 homes and the people who live in them.

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We're transforming homes, improving neighbourhoods, and racing towards our target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050!

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Thank you to our partners 

Our partners have been a huge part in our journey towards providing the best help for our customers and communities. Meet some of those who helped make it possible.

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Values for the future

We launched our new FACTS values this year. They're the glue that helps us work together better as one for the benefit of our customers.

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Want to know more?

Alongside this review of the year's highlights we've also published our full financial report and our second environmental, social and governance report.

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Photograph showing a copy of our ESG report and financial report for 2022-23 lying side by side on a green surface

We can't do it on our own

We're a robust organisation with fantastic employees who do amazing things. But like most organisations, we have finite resources. So we depend on many, many others to help support our customers and communities. 

So we want to say a big 'Thank you' to all those people, businesses and other organisations who have supported or joined forces with this year. Click here to find out more. 

And if you want to join us on our journey to help people and communities across the region, click here to find out more about working with us.